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Rep. Maxine Waters

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California Representative Maxine Waters is refusing to be duped into accepting Donald Trump’s behavior as normal for a president.

When she appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Friday, she told the hosts why she doesn’t come out for any ceremonial political gatherings surrounding the current president.

“I don’t honor him. I don’t respect this president. I don’t think that he deserves to president of this great country,” Maxine told MSNBC. “I’m very concerned about him, and I really think he’s dangerous.”

To explain her stance, she points to how reports and profiles about President Trump are worded. She’s concerned that if his behavior and way governing is normalized that it will eventually be viewed as acceptable.

“We continue to talk about him as if this is normal,” she said. “This is abnormal what we’re experiencing with this president.

Maxine reminded the hosts how Trump mocked a disabled journalist during his presidential campaign. She also noted his bragging about casually grabbing women by their genitals.

The California representative is also concerned with his handling of (and knowledge about) international affairs. For example, she recalled how he once accused China (a U.S. ally) of manipulating currency only to later retract his statement. Still, Maxine finds another alleged international entanglement of his even more disconcerting.

“I continue to talk about his ties to Russia, and what I think all of that means,” said Maxine. “I’m so worried about what his connections are with [Vladimir] Putin and the Kremlin.”

Maxine expects that with a little digging into his administration, there will be more than enough reason to challenge his presidency. “I believe if we have the credible investigations that it will lead to his impeachment,” she asserted.

“I’m going to really press getting these investigations done to find out how he really is and what this is all about,” she continue, never once referring to Trump by name. “If we’re able to get the facts that show there was collusion with his campaign, and with this president and Russia, then he deserves to be impeached.”

Furthermore, Maxine doesn’t foresee a time when she will be able to put her suspicions and concerns about Trump and his character aside long enough to work with him. “I don’t know how you find common ground with someone you absolutely do not trust,” she explained.

Later on, Maxine added that from what she’s observed of Trump, it appears that his view of what counts as fact depends entirely on what things align with his opinion or serve his purpose.

“He goes on and on with challenging, charging, and then–when he changes his mind–it’s not true.” She concluded. “I don’t trust him, I don’t think I can work with him.”

Check out the video below to see what Maxine says about her faith in congressional intelligence committees. And keep an eye out for how she takes on a pundit that decides to insert himself into the conversation.


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