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Omarosa Manigault, President Trump’s newly appointed director of African-American engagement, went head-to- head with The View host Joy Behar on Friday morning.

Manigault was on message as she dodged particular questions relating to comments Trump made about groping women and controversial policies he signed into legislation during his first week.

“We have real issues and have real problems that we need to address,” she said in response to The View hosts’ multiple inquiries.

“No kidding,” Behar responded.

But that was just the beginning.

“I know it’s gotta be really hard after the last year and a half, of all the things that you said about Donald to see him sitting in the Oval Office,” Omarosa said to Behar.

“It is hard, it kills me,” Behar said. “But here’s the thing. You all know him as the president, I know him as a friend.”

When asked about the Women’s March last weekend, the former Apprentice star said she was in agreement with the demonstration because protests are central to democracy. She countered with Friday’s March For Life and voiced that the media should give the demonstration the same amount of coverage as last week’s large-scale protest.

“We’re not going to look in the past. We’re going to look forward and put this country first and that’s what’s been happening in the last eight years. We’re going to put America first, we’re going to put people back to work,” she continued.

“We want that the same as you Omarosa,” Behar interjected.

Then Behar went for the jugular, inquiring about the release of Trump’s tax returns, but Omarosa incredulously shifted the narrative to her fiancé in the audience, revealing he’s a Democrat.

“He brings me such joy,” she said in Behar’s direction. “And I hope that you, one day, can find that kind of joy, Joy, in your life.” 

“Oh, please,” Behar responded as the audience groaned. Co-host Sunny Hostin chimed in with a quote from former First Lady Michelle Obama saying, “When they go low, we go high.”

“And I feel like I could get high right now,” Behar joked.


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