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The owner of a restaurant in Azle, Texas is facing major backlash after she posted a stereotypical message about serving fried chicken and waffles with watermelon on her Facebook page on Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday, reports WFAA-TV.


The reaction comes after the owner posted a Facebook message designed to bring in a crowd on Martin Luther King Day. But the message didn’t come out that way. In fact, it has sparked complaints of outright racism.

Sabrina Pyle owns Azle Café in Tarrant County…She quickly learned from a friend that Monday’s special of chicken and waffles with a side of watermelon wasn’t such a good idea. “After she brought it to my attention, I did take it down. But I didn’t realize it had already been shared,” Pyle said. “I just did something distasteful. I just didn’t think it through.”

The stereotype that blacks love watermelon emerged after the civil war to depict blacks as lazy, dirty and childlike. The image is still used to demean blacks.“To use something like chicken and waffles and a side of watermelon as a Martin Luther Ling Special is disgusting,” [said Brad] Pelt [who saw the post and shared a screen shot of it online before taking it down.] “It’s not okay.”

Pyle said that she’s not racist and will make sure that the food served in her establishment on MLK day going forward “doesn’t carry negative racial stereotypes,” reports Grub Street.



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