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Well, this isn’t something you hear everyday. Let’s just be honest, people crave sex. So when 40-year-old Dan Maurer realized his 80-pound scrotum was becoming detrimental to his marital sex life, he decided to do something about it.

Earlier this week, TLC aired its newest documentary starring Dan Maurer, aptly titled The Man With The 80lb GroinThe documentary highlighted the Michigan native during his road to recovery and rejuvenated sex life. Sometime during his 21-year-long marriage with his wife, Mindy, Maurer realized he had a problem. Puzzled by his increased scrotal size, Dan headed over to the doctors. They explained to him that it was because of his excessive weight. Dan lost the weight, but didn’t notice any difference to his enlarged scrotum.

After watching his scrotum balloon to a whopping 80 lbs, Dan was clueless as to the cause of his lofty issue. It wasn’t until he watched TLC’s The Man With The 132 Pound Scrotum, that he realized he suffered from Scrotal lymphedema, which causes your testicles to swell. Dan then decided to have surgery for the sake of his health and marriage.

In August 2014, he underwent a 14-hour procedure that also involved doctors removing 150 lbs of excess fat. One year later, Maurer is loving life and living healthier. In addition, he even started a GoFundMe page to help him pay off his medical bills. It takes big balls to put your story out there, and Dan did it. Go show love and support his page.

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