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Larry Young Morning Show

Pictured L to R: Coach, Larry Young and Tim Watts. Source: Robin Akinwale

Heard a familiar voice on The Larry Young Morning Show today? You heard none other than Baltimore’s own Tim Watts. Over the weekend, our Founder Dr. Cathy Hughes had a vision and she called on Baltimore to help set it in motion. As of this morning, you’re waking up to a dual frequency simulcast of The Larry Young Morning Show. Until further notice, you’ll hear our new version of this live and local show on both 1010 WOLB and the new PRAISE 106.1.

We’re combining the best of the Praise format with the information, entertainment and “ground level” interaction that our listeners already expect from Larry’s show. For additional color, we’ve welcomed Tim Watts back to be part of this daily round-table of all things Baltimore and our community.