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For years, Bill Cosby has been called “America’s Dad,” widely respected by many people across the country for his comedy and philanthropy. In the last few months, he has fallen from grace following the dozens of sexual assault allegations that have tarnished his reputation and has him fighting for his legacy.

On November 6th, 2014, Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now” sat down with Cosby and talked about his life, comedy as well as his impact on television.

It was not long after Martin’s interview with Cosby that a number of women came out and accused Cosby of drugging them and raping them.


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During their chat about his career on television, Martin and Cosby talked about “A Different World” and “The Cosby Show.” 

Martin told Cosby, “I was always great to watch the interplay between you and Phylicia (Rashad),” who played Heathcliff Huxtable’s wife, Clair, on the NBC sitcom.

Cosby responded to Martin’s comment about the chemistry between the television couple, saying, “Let me tell you something that your audience doesn’t know.”

Cosby paused, leaned in to Martin and said, “Ahmad Rashad messed that thing up.”

“When he married her I didn’t mind, but then she got pregnant and I didn’t want Cliff and Clair to have another kid. So we had to hide her body, which took me away from — took Cliff away from touching her and playing with her because I didn’t want the audience to see that.”

Cosby continued, “When that was over and she went on and had the child — it was gone man. Not the love for her, but it was gone in terms of now we have to get back to the touching. I just lost it.”

More than 20 women have come out claiming Cosby drugged and raped them. None of the cast members of “The Cosby Show” have made public statements about the damning claims except Raven Symoné and Phylicia Rashad’s sister, Debbie Allen.

Allen, producer of “The Cosby Show” spin off, “A Different World,” said during a recent appearance on the “Today Show” that as a result of these claims, the situation must “be looked at.”

Allen also told Today, “If there’s a problem, then we have to try to get some help for that.”

Check out Martin’s pre-sexual assault allegation scandal interview with Bill Cosby in the video clip above and let us know what you think about Cosby’s comments.

Does it make you look at the sexual assault claims any differently?

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