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Silver Spring, MD., November 24, 2014 – Cathy Hughes, Founder and Chairperson of Radio One, Inc. released the following statement on the passing of Marion Barry, former Washington D.C. Mayor and Councilmember.

“The Radio One Family is deeply saddened by the passing of our dear, Mayor for Life, Marion Barry. He was an incredible human-being, sent by God to empower and improve the lives of African-Americans; and his love and commitment to our community was unwavering. As a leader, his political savvy positively impacted the economic and social standing of black people in D.C. like no other. We are, so very grateful, to have had the opportunity to honor him and his life’s work, with Marion Barry Day (Oct. 23, 2014), literally one month to the day of his passing. All of our Washington D.C. radio stations were flooded with callers and well-wishers praising him for his work. And what a blessing it is, to have the memory of his humble and gracious spirit, as he was moved to tears at the outpouring of love for him. Marion Barry will be dearly missed and forever in our hearts.”

“Our sincerest thoughts and prayers are with his family and staff during their time of bereavement.”