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Dr. Robynne Chutkan joined Roland Martin and the “NewsOne Now” panel Monday to share tips for achieving better stomach health.

“I can’t take credit for saying it because Hippocrates said it thousands of years before I did, but all disease begins in the gut,” says Chutkan. “The GI tract is the portal of entry for a lot of substances to get into our bodies that shouldn’t get in, and to wreck havoc throughout our bodies.”

According to Chutkan, what causes most stomach issues can be broken down into a few categories: what we eat; anatomical differences between, say, men and women; lifestyle choices and physical conditions. Her tips: stop your stomach issues, namely bloating, with what she calls her S.A.D. G.A.S. plan. Chutkan suggests eliminating soy, artificial sweeteners,  dairy, gluten, alcohol and sugar.

Listen to more of Chutkan’s tips for improved stomach health.

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Quick Tips For Improved Stomach Health  was originally published on newsone.com