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Every man who’s ever had to buy gift for his woman has had to walk the shopping tightrope. On one side is all the stuff she’d like, but on the other side is all the stuff you could really use. Well never fear, we here at TheUrbanDaily have come to the rescue with the often-overlooked third side. The gifts that you can get for her that she’ll enjoy just as much as you will. Sound good? Take notes…


1) Surround Sound System

She won’t miss a word whispered during Scandal. You will hear the cops in surround sound during the new Grand Theft Auto. Sounds like a win, win to me.

2) Spa Day

You both get to spend the day being pampered. And not only is she NOT mad that you’re being groped and rubbed by good-looking woman, she’ll be happy, and she’ll join in! #Victory.

3) Foot Massager

The better her feet feel at the end of a long day, the more often she’s likely to wear those heels you like so much. Problem?

4) Victoria Secret Gift Certificate

Worst-case scenario, she comes back smelling like pure sex on a cloud. Best case, she comes back with some stuff to wear that makes you want to deliver pure sex on a cloud. It’s a good cloud.

5) Gym Membership

Now take note… if you give her one of these without offering to go too, don’t expect to share in the results that come home. That means you’ll probably have to go with her but hey, now you both look great naked. Not bad.

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