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The political arena has been in an uproar in 2011. From the indictment of Democratic Presidential candidate, John Edwards to the  slaying of terrorist Osama Bin Laden, Americans all over have been effected. WOLB with the help of ABC News, has compiled a  list of our Top 5 Political Moments of 2011 that may have affected the Baltimore Community and beyond!

5. Occupy Wall Street – A protester’s game that has even reached the inner harbor of Baltimore.

John Edwards Indicted – Former Democratic Presidential Candidate John Edwards was indicted and charged with six felonies in connection with an alleged cover-up of his extra-marital affair with Rielle Hunter during the 2008 election campaign. (ABC News)

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Makes A Strong Recovery – Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords makes a remarkable recovery after being shot in the head this past summer in Arizona.

U.S. Troops Leave Iraq – Obama announces the release of 10k American Troops after the slaying of Osama Bin Laden.

Osama Bin Laden Killed By U.S. Troops – Obama has done what it took Bush 9 years to do.

Source: Full story At ABC News