Not only was she a gifted talk show host but she was also a performer lending her talents to the world of Hip Hop. In which she claimed was her love. At one point Enfenetee was the most downloaded independent female rapper on the internet selling over 63, 000 downloads.  As she put it, “Hip Hop was her first love” and she used the art to express her pain, hurt fears and determination.  Her career was begging to take off. 

However in June of 2008 Enfenetee was in a bad car accident that left her down for several months. She was in pain and thought it was because of the accident but something more sinister was wreaking her body. October 30, 2008 she was diagnosed with a rare type of aggressive breast cancer. She was in her early 20’s. She was determined not to let this cancer interfere in her life. She had met this challenge head on. She was on a mission to beat this invader of her body. 

In fighting the fight she had confronted all the things that were binding her up the new Enfenetee was born. She was dedicated in developing her soul with God and forgiving those who had wronged her. She was progressing in her journey. Sunday September 11th 2011, that journey lead her to the house of the father and Enfenetee was called home. She leaves behind her X9 family that cared for her until the end, her Radio One family and host of family and friends. In an effort to bring awareness to the disease she was fighting Enfenette had begin to document her story. Click HERE to watch the documentary trailer. 

We love and deeply miss our sister Enfentee but we know she in the cloud of witness looking over us RIP Enfenetee.

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