Not that cable news culture and George W. Bush‘s political career aren’t strong enough indicators of this factoid, but I can always count on a…

Rock star and noted conspiracy theorist Ted Nugent (pictured) predicated that if President Barack Obama won re-election, he would either be dead or in jail.…

A defunct Maryland-based board game manufacturer known for crafting satirical and anti-liberal board games in the 1980s recently became a topic on social media channels…

Ramie Grimmer, the daughter of Rachelle Grimmer the woman who killed herself and shot her two children after being denied welfare at a benefits office in Laredo, Texas has died from her wounds. Before she died Ramie Grimmer posted “May Die 3day on her Facebook page. The New York Daily News reports: Her 10-year-old brother, […]

LAREDO, Texas  — A mother who had been denied welfare benefits killed herself and shot her two children after a seven-hour standoff at a government social services office, police said. The children, a 10-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl, were in critical condition Tuesday, Laredo police investigator Joe Baeza said. The standoff began around 5 […]

NEW YORK- Mr. EBT, a rapper who had a viral hit video for his song “Swipe Your EBT,” is defending himself after conservative critics have claimed he is glorifying welfare. Popular conservative blogger Matt Drudge and several other conservative websites have called him someone “leeching off society.” A New Low? “Its Free Swipe Yo EBT” […]

Researchers at the University of Missouri recently released a study that claims couples receiving government assistance are more prone to divorce. According to the study among couples in the same income bracket, those receiving government assistance experience lower rates of positive bonding, commitment to their spouses and overall satisfaction in their marriages. Dr. Schramm, a […]

Since the early 1960s, federally-funded food stamps have subsidized America’s food insecurity problem, providing support for some 17 million people in the last year alone. As the program has grown in recent years, everyone from farmer’s markets to fast food chains are vying for a slice of the $65 billion, as more people are demanding […]

While public contempt for America’s social welfare programs has been fueled by the image of the “Welfare Queen,” collecting food stamps to feed her fatherless children, a new Cornell University paper sheds light on the realities of government assistance. According to the findings, half of America’s social program recipients believe they have never received government […]

FLORIDA —  Governor Rick Scott wants welfare applicants to pay for a drug test before they are made eligible for assistance. ALSO READ: Alica Keys To Direct Lifetime Movie About Cancer In addition, the Governor wants to add a rule mandating that state employees submit drug tests at least four times a year. READ MORE […]