A three-judge panel in San Antonio ruled that Republicans in Texas racially gerrymandered congressional districts.

Key states like North Carolina and Florida have seen a decrease in the number of African-Americans heading to the polls.


Radio One Baltimore hosted Baltimore’s ONLY drive thru Voter’s Registration Day and according to all the forms we’ve counted this morning, a total of 270 forms were completed! That means 270 people came through before, during and/or after work/school or doing whatever they were doing, to come through and get registered! To some, that’s not a […]

Via: Maryland senate are taking steps in expanding gambling, by approving on table games such as Black Jack and Roulette. The state Senate gave preliminary approval  to the bill on Monday. If passed it will have to be voted on by Maryland voters. To read more click here

McDonalds employees in Canton, Ohio were given a recent paycheck that had a letter in it encouraging them to vote for Republican candidates or not receive raises or benefits. The Huffington Post reports: “As the election season is here we wanted you to know which candidates will help our business grow in the future,” reads […]

Speaking publicly for the first time since he disparaged the “professional left,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said he stands by his comments, has no plans to resign and that he fully expects progressive voters to go to the polls in 2010.