Police have arrested 18-year-old Djuan Bowers, 17-year-old Tynerick Turner and an unnamed 16-year-old after shots were fired toward a North Nashville market. WKRN reports that the teenagers were inside a white Honda Accord at the D.B. Todd Market in Nashville when an undercover officer witnessed the gunfire. Police say the officer was conducting surveillance in the area […]

Was this outburst pre-meditated or off the cuff? Has this anger been festering in her soul for weeks?

A 17-year-old was blessed by Pope Francis in a touching moment at St. Patrick’s Cathedral during his big trip to New York Thursday evening. Stephanie…

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Suited and Booted! Roland Martin spoke with high school student Hayden Hinton and counselor Tiffany Gholson about an inspiring video making the rounds on the…

Via Call of Duty,  a game that has a lot of violence. Can teenage angst and violent behavior be linked to these games? Rating systems are posted on games for a reason. But is it helping? Read More. Conservative Senator Cuffed For Drunk Driving Okla. Mom Says Son Didn’t Intend To Kill Classmates Cali Couple Unlawfully […]

Via 20-year-old Alexis Simpson was found not guilty of the stabbing death of her Bowie State University roommate,  18-year-old Dominique Frazier. Thursday the jury deliberated for three hour and found her not guilty on all seven charges. Read More.  Sharpton: Hold On, Keep Our Eyes On The Prize Zimmerman Prosecutor Makes Gaffe In Case By Leaking Witness Names Protect […]

Via  The Governor supports the new youth jail plains, claiming that the current one is old and dangerous. Reverend Jessie Jackson showed up to protest yesterday as hundreds gathered in downtown Baltimore. ” There are other alternatives”,  he says. Read More. 25 Worst Cities For Black Youth Cullen Jones Talks 4 Olympic Medals, Inspiring […]

Via Owings Mills High School received a gun scare when a student brought a B.B. gun to school. This frightening event occurred a little over one month after the Perry Hall shooting in Baltimore County.Students and Faculty went into a panic once they realized the code red was not a drill. Read More. Developing […]

A startling new report covered by the New York Daily News states that “multi-person sex” [MPS] seems to be on the rise with teen girls. 328 girls in Boston took part in the survey. Even more disturbing, many of the girls had been coerced or forced into participating: SEE ALSO: Matisyahu’s 10 Tips For Jews […]

After news station KPHO first reported on teen girls use of alcohol soaked tampons to get drunk, several news outlets have questioned the report. Some have called the report a continuation of an urban myth, but KPHO stands by their story and Reason Magazine has found several cases of vodka soaked tampons. See also: Is Casper […]