A Florida kindergarten teacher accused of placing duct tape over students’ eyes as a form of punishment was suspended without pay by the Hillsborough County…

Via: Foxbaltimore.com Lawmakers are assessing the financial impact in funding teacher pensions. Currently, the state funds 100 percent of pensions for all Maryland teachers. However, in recent years that cost has skyrocketed so state lawmakers have approved a bill to begin shifting the cost to Baltimore City and the counties. Click here to read more 

I recently read a New York Times article that explained the interesting concept of “perceptual learning,” which involves training the mind to memorize patterns rather than just learning concepts straight off. This method is being investigated by a small group of scientists who have evidence that proficiency improves when students in schools are groomed to […]

Dr.Mary Church Terrell,the first Black person to serve on the Washington,DC,Board of Education and the first President of the National Association of Colored Women,was born in Memphis,TN,on this date 1863. ******************************************************************* Terrell found that black women’s groups were routinely excluded from national women’s organizations during the late 19th century. They weren’t even allowed to participate […]

<strong>Charles Harris Wesley (Dec. 2, 1891 - Aug. 16, 1987)</strong>

From BlackVoices.com: A Seattle writer is angry beyond words, because late last month his 8-year-old child was removed from her honors elementary school class. No, the child did not misbehave. Instead, the little girl was guilty of using a hair moisturizer that allegedly annoyed her Caucasian teacher. Now the NAACP has joined the angry dad […]

From Telegraph.co.uk Olive Jones, 54, yesterday that she has been made a victim of religious persecution for discussing her faith with the child and her mother, who complained about her behaviour. After she was sacked, she was told the family had strongly objected to her approach because they are non-believers, and that a formal complaint […]