Via: Raising Taxes will take place in Baltimore over the next few weeks, including a controversial plan to more than double bottle taxes. Bottlers and Retailers say it’s unfair, but the Mayor say it’s necessary in order to improve schools. The Mayor says her bottle tax bill will help fund millions for construction and […]

Via: Gov. Martin O’Malley says he accepts part of the blame for the breakdown that led to $512 million in cuts instead of new tax revenues and alternative savings in state spending. O’Malley, who spoke on WTOP Thursday, said “we all hold blame,” referring to himself and Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller and […]

In what has been a holding pattern for the GOP and President Barack Obama, House Republicans and GOP Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have taken sharp digs at the budget plan Obama unveiled early Monday. The potentially contentious battle over taxes and the GOP resistance to all things coming out of the White […]

WASHINGTON — Aiming tax increases at millionaires and companies that ship jobs abroad may help frame the fairness theme of President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, but it’s a plan that stands virtually no chance of passing Congress. SEE ALSO: Is Obama Right To Fight One War At A Time? Republicans have enough votes in the […]

WASHINGTON — In the ultimate cap to a year of last-minute, half-loaf legislation, the Senate voted overwhelmingly on Saturday to extend a payroll tax cut for a two months, with the chamber’s leaders and the White House proclaiming victory, even as they pushed the issue of how to extend the tax cut and unemployment benefits […]

A new CBS News poll shows that a majority of Americans want more taxes on rich people. Sixty four percent of Americans want more taxes on people making more than a million dollars a year, while 30 percent want the taxes on the rich to stay the same. The poll shows support for President Obama’s […]

Roland Martin talks with Gregory Johnson Executive Director and COO of the National Association of Black Accountants about preparing your 2010 taxes. Johnson explained that many are losing out on tax deductions because of the lack of knowledge. For more information about the National Association of Black Accountants, visit

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A producer of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” reality series is listed in an application seeking film production tax credits from the state.

Washington — President Barack Obama is expected to sign legislation that will extend the Bush-Era tax cuts for the wealthy and also extend unemployment benefits to 13 months and cut payroll taxes by 2%. RELATED STORIES Bush Tax Cuts Extension Deal Passes The House CBC ‘Overwhelmingly Opposed’ To Obama’s Tax Cut Deal

Washington — The tax bill that extends the Bush tax cuts and slashes the estate tax while extending unemployment benefits has passed the House House by a vote of 277-148 and is heading for the President to sign, according to The Huffington Post RELATED STORIES Attacks From Right Take Toll On Obama’s Tax Plan CBC […]