Key states like North Carolina and Florida have seen a decrease in the number of African-Americans heading to the polls.

Plus, Black doctors call on President Obama to ban menthol cigarettes and the racial wage gap in America is worse now than 40 years ago. blogger and activist Rev. Al Sharpton is calling for “immediate action” to a racial wealth gap study released by the Pew Research Center. The study indicated that the median wealth of White households is now 20 times that of Black households. Sharpton’s civil rights organization, National Action Network, will address the issue during it’s […]

A new study presented some disturbing, yet expected news about the sad state of economic affairs within the African American community. According to the study, the wealth gap between white and Black Americans has become the widest that it’s been in the last 25 years. As it stands, whites have a wealth level that is […]

Writer Michelle Balani took on the shocking report released today that showed a shocking gap in wealth between Black, white, and Latino households. The report, released by the Pew Foundation, indicates that from 2005 to 2009, median wealth fell by 53 percent among black households, to about $5,677, compared to a 16 percent decline among […]