Racial Slurs

A disturbing video shows a White student referring to her African-American male classmate as a "Black piece of s**t" during an altercation following what the Black teen said was months of harassment and threats.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird have been snatched from bookshelves as a Virginia school district decides whether or not to permanently ban the books.

"Texas Racists Spray Paint ‘N****r’ and ‘KKK’ All Over $50,000 Truck" #UniteBlue #LibCrib http://t.co/FmB2vAdYO4 pic.twitter.com/aObcleBWOB — Robin Simpson (@robin182zz) July 5, 2015 A Spring, Texas…

CHATTANOGA, TN — Three men are being charged with hate crimes after throwing fireworks and yelling racial slurs at residents of a predominantly black community in Tennessee. The men in question have maintained their innocence. If convicted, they could face 2-12 years behind bars. “This is one of those appalling malicious instances that apply to […]

After chasing bad guys all day, it’s understandable cops could use a good laugh.