President Barack Obama was hailed as the best communicator since President Ronald Reagan when he came into office in 2009, but at this current pace, his White House, and by extension the Democrats, appear more like King George VI in “The King’s Speech.” The stuttering and stammering when it comes to discussing this economy is […]

If anyone can qualify for the phrase “stuck on stupid,” it’s Rep. Anthony Weiner. This story was a benign and silly one for me from the beginning. OK, the New York congressman said his Twitter account had been hacked, that he really wasn’t the one who sent that picture to the woman in Seattle. It […]

Via RK Byers at Those two instances in New Jersey stores of idiots suggesting that “all Black people leave” are hilarious. They represent reverse psychology at it’s worse. Personally, I suffer varying levels of commitment to Garveyism. Sometimes I think, “That’s it! We all should leave and go (back) to Africa.” Other times, like […]

By now you’ve surely heard that Tiger Woods cheated on his (white) wife with a parade of other (white) women. A new mistress or two seems to pop up every day, so the golfer’s infidelity has ceased to be the surprising news. No, what surprised us here at NewsOne is that apparently, Black people are […]