With all the Occupy Movements rising up across the country, one in particular hasn’t received major media attention because its building up in a neighborhood and not a city. In the historic, African American neighborhood of Harlem, many have taken to the streets to protest economic injustice and launch “Occupy Harlem.” See Also:  Top 10 […]

The NYPD officer who pepper sprayed Occupy Wall Street protestors for no apparent reason last month, has been transferred out of his station to work in Staten Island. The officer, Anthony Bologna, has been reassigned from his position of Deputy Inspector to Special Projects Coordinator. He will also lose 10 paid vacation days, docked from […]

Two sisters have become the symbol of the divide between America’s rich and poor. Sisters, Jill and Nicole Carty, sit on different sides of the fence when it comes to the Occupy Wall Street movement. One is a protestor and one is a Wall Street fat kitten. RELATED: Black Travel: Cubana Cafe: A Tropical Delight […]

With the increasing scrutiny of major banks, many people are considering leaving their banks for smaller institutions or credit unions. Returning to Black-owned banks may actually benefit many African-Americans who are unhappy with the major institutions, according to BET.com Historically, Black-owned banks were important institutions in the African-American community that provided loans and services to […]

Rep. Allen West said that Martin Luther King Jr. would not have supported the movement in a interview Tuesday with conservative media outlet Newsmax,. Rep. West rejected President Obama’s and Bernice King’s comparisons of the Occupy Wall Street movement to Martin Luther King Jr’s vision. “Martin Luther King Jr. would not have backed these types […]

NEW YORK — A Black Iraq war veteran Iraq war veteran confronted NYPD officers for violent tactics against Occupy Wall Street protesters this past weekend near the site of the protests. Police did not attempt to quiet Sergeant Shemar Thomas as he gave an impassioned speech about protests in Iraq and New York. Occupy Gifts! […]

In an interview with ABC News, President Barack Obama addressed the growing “Occupy Wall Street” movement and similar protests. Obama said that he understands the frustration coming from the Occupy Wall Street movement and compared the protests to the Tea Party. ROLAND S. MARTIN: Occupy Wall Street And The Tea Party Are Exercising Their Rights […]

Occupy Wall Street protesters are saying that African-Americans need the most help during America’s financial crisis. Many protesters say that Black communities are hit the hardest, and should demand government support for education, infrastructure and jobs, and a slew of other causes that affect their communities. “If any other community needs a bailout, it’s the […]

Occupy Atlanta, a protest inspired by the Occupy Wall St. demonstrations in New York, made news this past weekend after civil rights legend John Lewis was denied the chance to speak to protesters. Footage showing the public denying Lewis, the civil rights organizer who worked closely with with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, surfaced on […]

The Occupy Wall Street protests are nearing its fourth week of rallies and fed up middle and lower class defining themselves as the 99%. The protests, starting in the financial district in New York City on September 17, 2011, have spread nationwide to about 900 cities in such a short period of time. Garnering the most media […]