Even though relations between the law and the community continue to be tense, a squad from The Big Apple has figured out how to drop the ball big time. A set of badges were caught on tape doing the most. As spotted on Raw Story, NYPD’s finest were spotted using some very questionable and downright authoritarian […]


While people don't want to abolish the police force entirely, we would like to see resources go to other programs that could help citizens with real world problems such as social workers as opposed to relying on police officers respond to domestic problems they're not equipped to handle with a gun and handcuffs. That's the basis for the calls of defunding the police.


Though it seemed like his heart was in the right place at the moment, DeBonis took down the post after The New York Post reached out to him for comment on the matter. 


The movement to defund police combined an increasingly negative view of law enforcement has apparently prompted cops to pity themselves despite histories of racism, brutality and corruption.


No word on who gave the order to murder more innocent people but the NYPD have said they're aware of the transmission and are looking into it. In other words, oh well.


Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Bernie Sanders and more have all sounded off on the officer who killed Eric Garner finally being fired.

Daniel Pantaleo, the officer at the center of the choking death of Eric Garner five years ago has been let go by the New York Police Department. He will not receive his pension according to NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill. “Trials Commissioner Maldonado ruled that officer Pantaleo’s use of a prohibited chokehold was reckless and constituted a […]

New York City rush hour traffic was literally brought to a halt Monday morning ahead of administrative trial for the police officer who killed Eric Garner nearly five years ago.

A man was arrested Saturday, days after a brutal attack on a 78-year-old woman on the New York City subway. The attack was caught on film by other riders on the train. On Friday, the NYPD released surveillance footage and photos of 36-year-old Marc Gomez, asking for information on what many considered a “heinous attack” […]