President Obama’s Oval Office speech last night the end of combat in Iraq was also in part a message about job creation, and improving the economy. In this interview, NAACP president Benjamin Jealous analyzes the president’s speech, while discussing in what ways the US can move beyond these economic struggles.

<strong>Horace Julian Bond (January 14, 1940 - )</strong>

ormer Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod has made peace with the NAACP, forgiving the organization for condemning her remarks on what turned out to be a misleadingly edited video.

With a strong voice and the memories that come from experience, William McDonald shared with East Texans about a world that once was.

The media manufactured spectacle that is and was the Shirley Sherrod incident tells us all we need to know about Andrew Brietbart, Fox “News” and the dangers of extremist hack media– unregulated, irresponsible and unethical– run amok.

By Todd Steven Burroughs That U.S. Department of Agriculture staffer—you know, the one the Obama administration threw under the bus Monday because of a video mysteriously surfacing that showed her recalling how she once denied a white man some services? Yeah, her—you know what she should do? She should dust herself off, take off her […]