MSNBC's interview with a Black voter in Detriot was going viral after he addressed the acts of voter intimidation by Trump supporters looking to stop ballots from being counted in Michigan's election.

Oakland County Circuit Judge Mary Ellen Brennan makes the final decision.


Three women were fired from the Macomb County Medical Examiner's Office over allegations of racism and other workplace misconduct, including delighting over a sexually explicit cake that had racial overtones.

In October, Paragon Charter Academy refused Marian Scott a school picture for rocking an "extreme hairstyle." Now, she and her red hair are happily front and center.

The 18-year-old former First Daughter is heading to the Harvard of the Midwest this fall.

In a video that has gone viral, Judge Qiana Lillard let the defendant's family know that disrupting her court was not in their best interest.


Rep. John Conyers held a Capitol Hill briefing to spark dialogue about reparations.

A group of Michigan school staffers are in hot water after a video of them surfaced having an extremely inappropriate conversation.