Malikka Michelle

Via: Former Prince George’s County Council member Leslie Johnson is about to begin serving a year and a day in prison for her role in obstructing an investigation into a corruption scheme involving her husband. Leslie Johnson acknowledged flushing down the toilet an illicit $100,000 bribe check as FBI agents arrived at the couple’s […]

Via: Maryland governor Martin O’Malley will consider commuting the sentences of two Maryland inmates serving life in prison for murder. A public notice of the possible commutation was published Wednesday on page 19 of The Daily Record. The notice says that an application for commutation has been requested for Mark Farley Grant and Tamara Settles. O’Malley’s […]

Via: A Florida judge has refused to delay Casey Anthony‘s upcoming civil trial. The upcoming trial is from a defamation lawsuit. After the disappearance of her daughter Caylee, Anthony told investigators that a babysitter named Zenaida Gonzalez had kidnapped the toddler. A woman with the same name sued Anthony and is claiming that her reputation had been ruined. […]

Via: U.S. health officials say that the rate has dropped by half since the 1990s. They suspect the decline to be in relation to the growth in needle exchange programs. A study conducted in 2009 has found that only about half of the infected drug users know they carry the AIDS virus. To read […]

Via: Monae Turnage’s body was found in the backyard of a home on the 1600-block of Cliftview Avenue, Sunday around 6 p.m. Baltimore City police are currently investigating the homicide and have noted that there is indeed trauma to the girl’s body. The victim’s family say that her body was found by her 16 […]

Via: Governor Martin  O’Malley has signed a measure to join seven other states including Washington D.C. in legalizing gay marriage. The bill was signed on Thursday and it set to take effect in January of 2013. There are several groups opposing the states decision and are expected to petition the law to a referendum […]

Via: Pennsylvania state prosecutors have filed charges against 14 people in what they are calling a drug distribution network. The network is said to have purchased cocaine in Baltimore for resale in the Altoona area. Attorney General Linda Kelly has said that on Thursday the group sold about five pounds of drugs a week, […]

Via: Cecil County police find a full running meth lab. Police have seized every instrument a person would need to make the illegal drug. A call about a man destroying his wife’s car led to the drug bust. To read the entire story click here

Via: Baltimore County officials just released a statement on allowing residents a chance to report minor crimes online. The County plans on introducing and demonstrating the new system Monday at the North Point Police Precinct in Dundalk. County officials say the online reporting tool is available for crimes including hit-and-run accidents that don’t involve […]

Via: 12 year-old Hasson George was found shot in the chest with his mother’s service weapon in their New Jersey apartment. The young boy was shot by his older brother who is now 14 years-old. Hudson County prosecutor Edward DeFazio says that the young boy’s body was found on a sidewalk, where he was […]