In the face of a $480 million budget gap, an estimated 200 Chicago Public Schools employees are expected to receive pink slips in the latest round of belt-tightening at the nation's fourth largest school district.


Via: The Baltimore Sun Wednesday the city laid off or forced to retire 100 workers. Originally the cut was to include 122 positions but as an effort to save some jobs by moving employees into different positions, a smaller number was let go. The layoffs came on the last day of the fiscal year in […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — If Chuck Lacasse had gotten his pink slip four days earlier, Uncle Sam would have covered most of his family’s health insurance while he looked for a new job.

Via: Baltimore Sun Six hundred layoff notices are slated to end up on the desks of Baltimore union leaders next week. 350 of those positions could be spared if the council passes $50 million in new taxes and fees before the end of the month but the union contract requires notice of at least 30 […]

From About 700 students gathered in front of Chicago Public Schools headquarters this morning to protest drastic budget cuts which they say they are already starting to feel.