The Seventh Day of Kwanzaa (January 1) Imani (ee-MAH-nee): Faith

The Fifth Day of Kwanzaa (December 31) Kuumba (koo-OOM-bah): Creativity Using creativity and imagination to make your communities better than what you inherited.

The Fifth Day of Kwanzaa (December 30)                                                                       Nia (NEE-ah): Purpose To restore African American people to their traditional greatness. To […]

The Fourth Day of Kwanzaa (December 29)                                                     Ujamaa (oo-jah-MAH): Collective economics To build, maintain, and support our own stores, establishments, and businesses.

The Third Day of Kwanzaa (December 28) Ujima (oo-JEE-mah): Collective work and responsibility To build and maintain your community together. To work together to help one another within your community.

The Second Day of Kwanzaa (December 27) Kujichagulia (koo-jee-chah-goo-LEE-ah): Self-Determination

The First Day of Kwanzaa (December 26) Umoja (oo-MOH-jah): Unity Success starts with Unity. Unity of family, community, nation and race.

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Have you ever wondered what Kwanzaa was really about? This morning on “NewsOne Now,”  Jessica Smith of Culture Kingdom Kids discussed the true meaning of the holiday…

In 1966 Dr Maulana Karenga created an Afro-American holiday designed to honor African heritage and tradition called Kwanzaa. The week long celebration is observed between…

The Seventh Day of Kwanzaa (January 1) Imani (ee-MAH-nee): Faith