This past Friday Judge Steven O’Neill has scheduled a new date for 80 year old comedian Bill Cosby’s retrial on sexual charges more than a decade ago.   Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key statue has been vandalized. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! For The Latest News: Source:FoxBaltimore

Duval Circuit Judge Mark Hulsey III has given up his seat after he allegedly made "sexist and racially insensitive comments from the bench."


A 25-year-old Black woman is making history by becoming the youngest judge in the history of Easley, South Carolina. According to ForHarriet.com, Jasmine Twitty —…

Prosecutors in Louisiana are excluding potential Black jurors three times as often as jurors of another race by using peremptory challenges

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There’s an expectation that any federal judicial nominee President Barack Obama seeks to place on the bench would get opposition from Congressional Republicans, but lately that hasn’t…

Via Foxbaltimore.com  Carl Snowden, civil rights chief at the Maryland attorney general’s office, was convicted to a 60-day suspension and one years probation from Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Michael Reed. He was charged with a misdemeanor of possession. If he was in Colorado he might have gotten a pass. But, not here in Maryland. Do you think they […]

Juanita Kidd Stout was name by the Governor to serve as a Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge on this date in 1959.Later that year Stout won the election judge in the United States. ********************************************************** Juanita Kidd Stout aspired to be a lawyer when few African Americans and few women were in the profession. When Stout was […]

<strong>Contance Baker Motley (September 14, 1921 – September 28, 2005)</strong>

Arnette Hubbard has been a pioneer for black women in the legal field. She became a lawyer at a time when very few women, and even fewer black women, were pursuing law degrees. Hubbard spent 28 years working as a lawyer before becoming a Circuit Court Judge. She is also an active member of numerous […]

Archibald T.Carey,Jr. , lawyer,judge,politician,diplomat and clergy-man, and  the first Black to be appointed Chair of the President’s Committee on Government Employment Policy.Carey was appointed by President Dwight D.Eisenhower. He also served as an alternate delegate to the United Nations from 1953 to 1956.