John Boehner

WASHINGTON — During a closed-door meeting, House Speaker John Beohner spoke to GOP leaders in an attempt to gain support of his debt limit plan, which some Republicans deem skeptical. “Get your a– in line,” he demanded to the caucus. The GOP has been quite divided between those who back Boehner’s plan and those — […]

A day before the federal government is said to be reaching its debt limit House Speaker John Boehner urged President Obama to sit down with him and strike a deal on raising the debt ceiling which is currently at $14.29 trillion. Many senators like Mitch McConnell believe this is a good time to talk about […]

Roland Martin appears in The Situation Room with Mary Matalin and host Wolf Blitzer to discuss John Boehner wearing his emotions on his sleeve. WATCH:

On the heels of President Obama’s self-professed “shellacking,” a renewed urgency for bipartisanship has emerged in Washington. One week later, a new study proves that the education gap between the races in the United States – specifically, the crisis facing young black men – remains as devastating as ever. So why not immediately start working […]

House Minority Leader John Boehner spoke out about his relationship and interactions with President Obama on Monday night during an appearance on Fox News.

There are varying reports that House Minority Leader, John Boehner is having an affair with lobbyist, Lisbeth Lyons Gather reports. Blogger Mike Stark reported on his blog “Stark Reports” that Lisbeth Lyons, a lobbyist for the printing industry, is Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner’s girl on the side. Lisbeth Lyons is the VP of […]