The Affordable Care Act deadline is fast-approaching. NYC-based celebrities and community leaders banded together Friday to organize a #GetCovered tour through three of the city’s five…

Brandi Johnson (pictured above) was awarded $250,000 in compensatory damages last week, after she sued her boss Rob Carmona (pictured below) over a four-minute N-word…

Today, April 6, Billy Dee Williams turns 76 years-old. Mr. Williams is best known for portraying smooth dishonest, Lando Calrissian in two “Star Wars” movies.  He’s an actor, artist, singer and writer.  Williams was born in New York City, New York, the son of Loretta Anne, a West-Indian born elevator operator. He first appeared on […]

Peace and personal responsibility was the keynote message from Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on Tuesday when he addressed a crowd of over 300 people in Harlem. Speaking at the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building on 125th street, the controversial minister said, “Change will not come out of the sky.” The rally […]

NEW YORK-An off duty police officer shot and wounded a suspect at the 125th St. and St. Nicholas Ave. in Harlem. Several police cars surround the area after the shooting. The officer was not hurt and it is not clear what caused the shooting. The victim was rushed to Harlem Hospital in serious condition. The […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — Affluent black Americans who are leaving industrial cities for the suburbs and the South are shifting traditional lines between rich and poor, according to new census data. Their migration is widening the income gap between whites and the inner-city blacks who remain behind, while making blacks less monolithic as a group and […]

NEW YORK-While sentencing Jaquan “Jay Cash” Layne, to twenty years in prison, Supreme Court Justice Edward McLaughlin lectured their families and members of the community. Layne was the boyfriend of Afrika Owes who helped him traffic guns and received a god deal of media attention due to her private school background. The New York Daily […]

Harlem has long been a spiritual patchwork of storefront churches, lofty Christian congregations, mosques, synagogues, Five-Percenter meeting halls, and more. But now New York’s legendary Black neighborhood is home to a new and controversial denomination: Scientology. Terrell Starr reports: When you step inside, it feels more like a bookstore than a place of worship. The […]

The Occupy Wall St. movement moved from Zuccotti Park in downtown Manhattan to Harlem on Friday, as more than 100 people, mostly Black and Latino, gathered  for the first meeting of what is now being dubbed “Occupy Harlem.” See also: Occupy Wall Street Contends With Winter Weather In East, Arrests Out West The face of the […]

NEW YORK — Supporters of President Barack Obama have taken a page from the right-wing and started a tea party of their own. The group, “Harlem 4 Obama,” staged the tea party in order to garner support for Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign. Obama Raises More Than $86M For Campaign, DNC Obama’s Harlem Fundraiser Draws Big […]