Via Clarence Mitchell Courthouse in downtown Baltimore closed due to a water leak, the building has been evacuated.  Officials are saying four floors were affected by a busted pipe. Hundreds of cases have been delayed. Read Here For More Details.  SCOTUS Continues Debate On Affirmative Action, Voting Rights Act Ole Dixie: The South Solidly […]

Via  City Councilman Carl Stokes said he has enough of wasteful spending by the city of Baltimore. Stokes claims the wasteful spending has come from the convention center hotel, and city employee injury payouts that need a closer looking into. Is the city spending too much and how will it affect Baltimore. Read More. […]

  Via  State Police are holding a graduation ceremony for ten new dogs entering the force today. The dogs have been given the name, ” Team of Ten with Teeth.” the German Sheppards have gone through 14 weeks of rigorous training. Read More. 

Via On Tuesday morning, a 13-year-old girl ran away from protective services after first running away from home on November 15th. Sarah Matthews is said to be running away with a man in his mid-twenties. Her family say that her life is in danger. Read More.  Really? Zimmerman Releases Photo Of Bloody Nose, Says […]

Via  Baltimore City is paying out millions to Baltimore City workers in workers compensation. The city of Baltimore said that the number of claims are high because of the high level of risk involved with city  jobs. A Maryland lawyer is doing research and collecting data he reveals in his book ,’ The Comp Pinkbook’. Read […]

Via Fox Baltimore   Read Full story here.

Via Fox The controversial raise for the city’s fire Chief James Clack was approved Wednesday. The decision comes at the same time the Mayor is shutting down three fire companies. The City’s Board of Estimates approved the 2% raise for Fire Chief James Clack under protest from City Fire Unions who called it ill-timed. […]

Via Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake plans to sign into law an increased bottle tax to fix Baltimore City schools. The bottle tax will increase from two cents per bottle to five cents per bottle. Many small business owners are against  the law as they believe it will force residents to ship in the suburbs. […]