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Willie D of the Geto Boys has been considering a move to politics for quite some time and now, he’s made it official. Running for a seat on Houston City Council, Willie’s looking to represent the district he’s from. And with that comes a more than familiar term to Willie – controversy. Sitting inside the Houston BMW Studios […]

Mary-Pat Hector is the youngest candidate on a city council ballot in Georgia state history.

Via  City Councilman Carl Stokes said he has enough of wasteful spending by the city of Baltimore. Stokes claims the wasteful spending has come from the convention center hotel, and city employee injury payouts that need a closer looking into. Is the city spending too much and how will it affect Baltimore. Read More. […]

Via Fox 45 Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake received preliminary approval from the city council to proceed with the controversial bottle tax.  City officisals plan to raise the bottle tax from 2 cents to 5 cents and profits will go toward the remodelling of Baltimore City Schools.  While this may seem to be a great idea, local merchants beg to differ… […]