Central Park 5

"When They See Us" director Ava DuVernay says she is not surprised by #45's response.

There’s a scene in When They See Us, when Korey Wise, played by Moonlight star Jharell Jerome, is being attacked in his prison cell by gang of inmates. He’s desperately holding onto the cell bars and screaming for his life when a corrections officer walks over, beats his knuckles with a baton forcing Wise into […]

The former Manhattan prosecutor shouldn't be allowed to make millions off writing crime books, she should endure exactly what she put the "Central Park Five" through.

New York asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit by a teacher who claims she was fired for how she taught a Central Park Five Lesson. The city claims her lesson was not protected by the First Amendment.

After spending ten years in prison following a wrongful conviction, “one of five men known as the Central Park 5” has donated $190,000 to help others avoid his fate, reports Jet. Korey Wise, 42, donated the money to the University of Colorado’s Innocence Project, the report says. From Jet:  The program, which operates out of CU’s law school, is now […]