Teens miss their Lyft back to D.C. and decide to steal a golf cart. Hmm not sure why another Lyft or even Uber wasn't ordered instead...


Four people were injured when a small plane went down on Route 50 in Bowie, Maryland. Reports suggest that the pilot was attempting to land but misjudged his landing. The plane hit at least one car on the eastbound lanes of Route 50. In all, the two people in the plane and two in the […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com 20-year-old Alexis Simpson was found not guilty of the stabbing death of her Bowie State University roommate,  18-year-old Dominique Frazier. Thursday the jury deliberated for three hour and found her not guilty on all seven charges. Read More.  Sharpton: Hold On, Keep Our Eyes On The Prize Zimmerman Prosecutor Makes Gaffe In Case By Leaking Witness Names Protect […]

President Obama showed up to Bowie State University in Maryland to speak at a re-election rally for the state’s Democratic governor Martin O’Mally. Although he spoke at Bowie State as a candiate Obama presence was the first time a sitting president ever spoke at the Maryland HBCU. The president, the governor and Maryland’s Democratic congressional […]