BOSTON – The National Urban League will host its annual conference this year in Boston, a city that carries a racially tense history stemming back to the 1970s, in which a court ruled that Black and white students would have to attend schools in different neighborhoods. The ugly race reality in Boston has stained its […]

Several police officers were caught on video beating and restraining a teenage boy at Roxbury Community College in Boston. Bostonchannel reports: Police officers are being accused of excessive force after Boston police are seen on video punching and kneeing a teenage suspect accused of resisting arrest. The teen is heard screaming and asking the officer […]

QUINCY, Mass. (AP) — An actress acclaimed for her tough-talking performance in the 2007 film “Gone Baby Gone” is facing charges after she and another man allegedly broke into a neighbor’s apartment south of Boston and then tried to blame it on a black man, police said Tuesday. Jill Quigg, 35, of Quincy, who played […]