Black Millennials

You know what’s better than a girl’s trip? A girl’s retreat! And this July (July 25-28), members of The Baddie Brunch and The B is for Boss will join forces for “Baddies and Bosses Take Cancun,” a networking retreat in Cancun, Mexico for ambitious millennial women of color! Take a break from your boss life […]

Roland Martin spoke with Hillary Clinton about the importance of the 2016 election and why she feels the stakes are so high.

Stevie Wonder spoke with Roland Martin about why it is important for Black voters to exercise their right to vote in this year's election.

The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies has released a new poll on Black voter enthusiasm with just five days left until Election Day.

With over 11.5 million Black millennials in the United States and $162 billion in generated revenue, the demographic is a game-changing influencer in the areas of tech and content.