Black Farmers Settlement

WASHINGTON — It could be at least a year before black farmers get any payments from the $1.2 billion fund set up to settle decades of discrimination claims against federal agriculture officials.

President Barack Obama on Wednesday signed legislation that allocates $4.6 billion to settle discrimination claims made by black farmers and allegations that the government cheated American Indians out of land-use royalties.

Washington– More than a decade ago, a federal judge ordered the government to compensate farmers for discrimination and thousands were. But it wasn’t until February that the Obama administration announced a settlement with seventy thousand more farmers. It was up to Congress to dole out more than a billion dollars in damages. After missing multiple […]

The head of the National Black Farmers Association blasted plans to award $1.5 billion in federal subsidies to farmers affected by last fall’s heavy rains — while African-American farmers have yet to receive the $1.25 billion the federal government owes them from the settlement of a class action discrimination lawsuit.