The Trump administration fired Shermichael Singleton, who was one of a few black conservatives and a top aide to Ben Carson, from his post as a senior advisor this week after Trump's advisors found public writings of Singleton criticizing POTUS.

Niger Innis, the Executive Director of the and CORE National spokesperson, was critical of the #BlackLivesMatter movement during a media appearance. Innis was a…

By theGrio A conservative African American pastor who founded a Tea Party organization in South Central L.A., says he agrees with Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich that many blacks lack a work ethic. The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson‘s solution: send them back to the plantation. SEE ALSO: Newt Gingrich, Back In The Game? Peterson explained […]

Haven’t you ever seen a black person who you feel hurts the race so much that you’d rather not see them succeed. And we’re not wishing anything bad would happen to them personally. Just you’d rather not see their faces on TV embarrassing the race or doing it more harm than good. SEE ALSO: Tea […]