Baltimore County Police were responding to an armed robbery in Dundalk when a shootout between the suspect and officers unfolded.

One woman took her thirst for recording and posting to the next level by filming herself performing oral sex on a man inside a Florida courthouse.

How can a person who commits murder or rapes a child receive lesser time than an individual who is charged with a low-level drug offense?

A man is in the hospital after firing shots at police who fired back during a foot chase. The incident took place in Northeast Baltimore, where police were called last night (May 31) to investigate gunshots. Upon arrival, cops spotted the gunman and proceeded to chase him. Fox 45 News reports: “During the foot chase, […]

Allegations of sexual abuse against Afrika Bambaataa have been swirling for weeks, and now the hip-hop pioneer is finally breaking his silence.


It’ll interest you to know there’s new legislation in NYC… According to new reports, bars in the city can no longer refuse alcohol to pregnant women. This past Friday, the New York City Human Rights Commission released new guidelines to “eliminate discrimination against pregnant women in the workplace and out in public.”  PEOPLE reports: “Unlawful […]

Via  Baltimore Police have arrested and charged 33-year-old Foye Minton. Minton was a physical education teacher who was the Dean of Student Athletics. He is being accused of having a relationship with Shoshana S. Cardin when she was 16-years-old. Read More.  Candidates Square Off In First N.Y.C. Mayoral Debate Edward Avery, Former Priest, Allegedly […]