On Monday, the actor tragically committed suicide in a Facebook Live video.

Shintani played the ukulele and sang "Never Forget Where I'm From" in the 2001 film "Shallow Hal."

Paul Robeson, actor ,singer, athlete, minister, and activist, was born in Princeton, NJ, on April 9,1898.The famous actor graduated from Rutgers University, became a Presbyterian  minister, and obtained a law degree from Columbia University. (April 9,1898 – January 23,1976) TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS PERSON VISIT YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY.  

Charlotte-based actor and cutie Yandrick Paraison talked about how his parents, Haitian immigrants, inspired him in this episode of Way Black When.””;Kyte.Embed.altpath=””;window.kyteplayer=new Kyte.Player(“”,{appKey:”default”,width:416,height:436,p:”s”,s:1149771,tbid:”3″});