New research explains why Black and low-income students lag behind more affluent White peers in science. The researchers recommend early exposure to science.

Oakland school district offers manhood courses to male Black students. Early results show promise in closing the achievement gap and increasing the graduation rate.

A study presents a new comparative tool to evaluate national progress toward closing the socioeconomic achievement gap. It finds that most states are missing the mark, but also many successful cases.

A new study explores why children of color fall into the science achievement gap. Researchers find that the problems begin as early as kindergarten.

Many have noted that there is an obvious┬álack of quality programming that caters to women of color. Interactive One, the parent company of, is…

How many of the parents out there could have called this one? According to a new report, data shows that students of color are more…

From (CBS) President Obama delivered the commencement address today at Virginia’s Hampton University – his first as president to a predominantly African-American school.