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According to reports, Congress and Donald Trump have reached a tentative deal to Temporary end the partial Government Shutdown. With Trump’s Approval, the deal would reopen the government for three weeks. The 5.7 Billion Trump wants for the wall to block the southern border would still be on the table with more talks scheduled.

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Senate leaders have been working to put together a short-term deal that would work for Trump to end the partial shutdown. The calls to end the record long shutdown grew louder after airport delays across the country due to lack of employees able to work.

On Friday, January 25th, the shutdown reached its 35th day and about 800,000 government workers missed another paycheck.


Congressional leaders and President Trump have reached a tentative deal to temporarily reopen the government and send hundreds of thousands of Marylanders back to work.

According to the Washington Post, the deal doesn’t include funds for Trump’s border wall, but talks will continue on the Presidents demand for money to build the wall.

The deal still needs President Trump’s approval. The White House announced that Trump would speak from the Rose Garden of the White House at 1:30 p.m.

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