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Imagine checking out of your Airbnb, to suddenly be surrounded by seven cop cars and a helicopter.

That’s exactly what happened to a group of young Black women who opted to stay in a Rialto, California residence, after a suspected neighbor called the cops on the group.

Filmmaker Kells Fyffe-Marshall posted a video to Facebook which details the incredible aftermath of the shocking event. In a caption for the video Fyffe-Marshall explains that she along with three of her friends were stopped and interrogated by police outside of the home. There were four women total,  but three were Black.

“The officers came out of their cars demanding us to put our hands in the air. They informed us that there was also a helicopter tracking us,” Fyffe-Marshall wrote. “They locked down the neighborhood and had us standing in the street. Why? A neighbour across the street saw 3 black people packing luggage into their car and assumed we were stealing from the house. She then called the police.”

Even after the group showed identification and an email confirmation proving that they were indeed residents at the household, police officers forced the group to contact the landlord for further evidence.

“He insisted that we were lying about it and said we had to prove it,” Fyffe-Marshall continued.  “We showed them the booking confirmations and phoned the landlord… because they didn’t know what she looked like on the other end to confirm it was her.. they detained us – because they were investigating a felony charge – for 45 minutes while they figured it out.”

Fyffe-Marshall believes that the woman called the authorities because the group didn’t wave to her as they packed their car to leave.

The neighbor’s identity has not been confirmed but writer Shaun King wrote on Twitter that the woman is believed to be white.

“We have been dealing with different emotions and you want to laugh about this but it’s not funny.The trauma is real. I’ve been angry, fustrated and sad. I was later detained at the airport. This is insanity,” Fyffe-Marshall.


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