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Imagine you are a woman who has had a rough week. It’s Sunday and you decide to get dressed up for church. You put on some red lipstick and decide to wear a wig — maybe because of the hellish work week, you didn’t have time to get your hair done or maybe couldn’t afford the salon that week…or maybe you just really like your wig. Feeling confident about yourself and looking forward to the love of Christ, you hear vile, judgmental and misogynist rants from a so-called pastor who is preaching with hate, not love. The sermon is pure evil as he places his ludicrous constructs on how you should present yourself for the fashion of church. Then, he goes even further and rants about body parts, sex workers and using language like “hoe” — disguising all of this as the “word of God.”

Well, there are pastors like this and a prime example is Gino Jennings from Philadelphia.  See below:

Gino Jennings is clearly another pimping preacher who is enjoying the attention and his “performance” rather than being even remotely kind, loving, or compassionate. Also, let’s hope that Gino’s house is 100 percent clean because everyday we see preachers outed for being everything they preach against. One site has labeled Jennings and his church, First Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, a cult. In addition, Jennings is anti-LGBT and anti-Muslim. Sexist, anti-LGBT and an Islamophobic? Basically, he is the Donald Trump of Philly preachers. Beware of false prophets.


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