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Damien Poole

Source: Permission to use by Damien Poole

This month, we’re honoring Baltimore History makers with much thanks and recognition. Today’s spotlight is on Baltimore educator Damien Poole.

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Here’s what his peers say:

He’s a awesome teacher who also helps around the community. A very great great role models to young children as well as adolescence. For as long as I’ve known this guy I’ve never seen him not trying to make a positive change for our community. I believe Damien Poole should be recognized as a Baltimore history maker because he already has such a perfected mindset when it comes to positivity and getting things done in the right way. He has helped out many and these days, genuine help is hard to find.

Daimen Poole is a Coppin State University graduate! He’s a middle school teacher at St.James and John Catholic School where he teaches math and science. When he’s not tending to his own children, he is mentoring to the children of the BroCode Baltimore after school program. He’s always putting the children of the community before himself.

Daimen Poole is a 28 year old proud Baltimore native who has made a tremendous impact through his hard work and love for the city of Baltimore. I look at Daimen as a very positive influence, especially on the youth in the community of Baltimore city. 

Radio One – Baltimore thanks you, Damien Poole!

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