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Baltimore’s population continues to decline as the city lost more than 6,700 residents in 2016 according to US Census Bureau. The City’s latest population count is at about 614,664 people around the same size it was 100-years ago.

The Census Bureau says, the number of people leaving Baltimore to move other places in the U.S. doubled up.

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. According to the U.S. Census, Baltimore’s population reaches a 100 year low. Why do think people are leaving the city?

og_mac73 #1 is the murder rate. Also the continued amount of vacant houses

joylove2see Crimes,no jobs,school system, cost of living (homes) priced too high

dptheemcee Most of the people are leaving the state because there are no new job markets being created to allow any growth.

womenluvsports2 Monkey see monkey do. I’ve seen ppl leave Baltimore and move back as well. The grass is not always greener on the other side. I’m gonna have to ask a few ppl. If I ever move it will be because of the cost of living is too high.

ctjohnsonjr The crime rate!

justlikealotus7.20 There are no job opportunities here, housing is high, taxes are ridiculous high, they don’t care about the schools and the crime is out of control!


jross23 Violence, and with the water bill raising, housing raising, and the cause of living raising it’s slowly becoming to expensive to live in the city

blitzent It’s low because of the violence senseless killing

kgrick_rzs Education is low.. Crime is high… Politics taking the money from school & shutting them dwn plus recreations….da harbor isn’t the only thing that need be taking care of

youaintrich GENTRIFICATION 💯💯💯💯

the_solution27 People should research “White Flight” and the fake “Gifted and Talented” programs in Baltimore. For years black people still think making it is moving to the county. Well take a look at every suburb we have run to. Schools are messed up and crime is rising. It’s your mentality not the location. Edgewood in Harford County is a good example. Milford Mill, Parkville and Randallstown are declining.

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