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A University of Notre Dame student has come forward with a lawsuit and allegations of sexual misconduct against a female academic coach and her daughter.

According to the New York Daily News, the male student, who has an academic scholarship, said the academic coach arranged “sexually and racially motivated trysts” with her daughter complete with condoms and transportation to hotels in exchange for “academic favors.” (The student is Black and the academic coach and her daughter are White.)

The relationship started when the student went to the coach for help with his studies during the spring 2015 semester. Those study sessions evolved into out-of-state affairs with the coach’s daughter.

The NYDN reports:

She would later interrogate him about the “nature, frequency, and quality of the sexual activities” they had, the lawsuit claims, badgering him with “racially-charged comments about his sexual prowess and genitalia.”

The student suspects that the coach was targeting other Black student athletes as well. He also claims that the school knew it was “fostering a sexually abusive and hostile educational environment.”

The University of Notre Dame denies those claims, according to a statement:

“The allegations against the University of Notre Dame in the complaint are unfounded. As are gratuitous and unfounded references to ‘student athletes’ — an allegation that is nothing more than a cynical attempt to attract publicity.”

In the lawsuit, the student says when he tried to end the relationship, the daughter attempted to convert him to Catholicism and advised him to attend counseling sessions with a mental health advisor. He believes the counselor was a friend of the coach, who prescribed him medication to “keep him passive, cooperative, and under control.”

The student would like a jury trial and “relief from the University of Notre Dame,” as well as the continuation of his scholarship. The coach is currently under investigation.

SOURCE: New York Daily News | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform

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