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As convenient as Uber, sometimes it can pose a risk to ones safety. That was the case for a San Francisco woman whose Uber driver threatened to rape and kill her after she canceled her ride.

The woman, named Eve Batey, documented voicemails and phone calls from the raging driver. Batey claims that after the driver called, she told him exactly where she was and he replied, “No you’re not, I am at 400 Duboce Avenue and you are not there. Where the fuck are you? What kind of person isn’t there when they call an Uber?

After feeling uncomfortable with the driver’s tone, Batey hung up the phone and canceled her ride. As she hit the cancel button, he called back. “How about I stick my d*ck in your p**sy? I see you there, look at me, I see you there on your phone,” he screamed.

After she reassured the driver that she indeed canceled her trip, he continued, “You fucking bitch, I’m going to find you, rape you, and kill you.” Batey called the police, and the driver called her five more times.

Batey was still charged for the ride although she never got in the car. The incident set off a 3 day protest at the Uber headquarters in San Francisco.

SOURCE: Sfist, Fortune| PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 

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