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As you have already heard, Anquan Boldin found out he was being traded through text messages while he was getting off a plane in Senegal, Africa. He was initially shocked and other Ravens players seemed to be very disappointed. You would think the Ravens would keep the player that scored  the winning touchdown during the 2013 Super Bowl.

It seems like The Baltimore Ravens are paying a price for being the 2013 NFL Champions these days. In the Meantime,  The Ravens have lost another two key players of their defense line, line backer Paul Kreuger and Dannelle Ellerbe as the free agency began yesterday.  On Monday, Anquan Boldin,  the star reciever,  was traded to the San Francisco 49ers – the team the Ravens beat 34-31 to win the NFL Championship.

Kruger headed north to Cleveland, for a five year , $40 million deal while Ellerbe headed south to Miami where he will receive $35 million over 5 years.

We wish these players the best of luck!

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