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When Vice President Joe Biden told a crowd that included a fair share of Blacks that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, are “going to put y’all back in chains,” a contrived controversy was created by conservatives desperately in need of a distraction.

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Instantly, the usual band of hypocrites ran — as fast as humanly possible — in front of a camera to denounce Biden, reminding us that they’re still alive. Enter former New York Mayor and failed presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani (pictured), who said Biden’s remarks were a “blatant appeal to racism” and that he regards them as “disgusting” and something that appears to be “vicious pandering.”

So has he not read a single thing about the actions of his own party in a generation or three?

In any event, Giuliani went on to claim that Biden was “nuts” and lacked the “mental capacity” to serve as president. He has since backed away from those comments, though maintained “this guy is one gaffe after another.”

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Nearly five years ago during a Democratic presidential debate, Biden dismissed criticism of Giuliani by declaring:

And the irony is that Rudy Giuliani [is] probably the most under-qualified man since George [W.] Bush to seek the presidency [and] here [he is] talking about any of the people here. Rudy Giuliani. I mean think about it. There’s only three things he mentions in a sentence: A noun and a verb, and 9/11. Nothing else.

Such remarks are as true then as they are now.

To be fair, though, Rudy has seemed to learn a few more words even if they’re all equally worthless. That said, Rudy can take his cries of Biden invoking race to push a political agenda and fall through a trap door.

And once he does, we can line up Rick Santorum next.

The former Pennsylvania Senator and fellow failed candidate for president had the unmitigated gall to also say that Biden played “the race card.”

Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union, Santorum said:

“Y’all?” Santorum asked incredulously. “Y’all is y’all. When you are in a group – and I have been in groups like that, and you know, it is very easy when you are in a group of people that, you know, when you are in the South or up in different areas of the country and different groups of people – and you develop an affinity with the group that you are speaking in front of, and that is what the vice president was doing. And he tried to develop the affinity and he did it in a horrendous way, and he should apologize for it.

So “y’all” is racial coding. This, coming from the man who ducked the comment “I don’t want to make Black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money” by arguing that he meant “blah” people instead.

Can someone tell that long-known bigot that when it comes to his call to end political divisiveness, all most sensible people heard was “blah, blah,” and “blah?”

But it’s not completely the faults of these GOP honesty haters for their words filling up a headline near you. It is the fault of much of the media for allowing such a trivial matter to become this big. President Barack Obama is right to state that Biden has no need to apologize for the “chains” remark.

If we want to talk about divisiveness, racial prejudice, and clear political agendas seeking to alienate voting blocs, try Doug Preisse, chairman of the county Republican Party in Ohio, who told the Columbia Dispatch:

I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban — [read: African-American] — voter-turnout machine, he said. Let’s be fair and reasonable.

There’s your “blatant appeal to racism,” your legitimate attempt to pit Americans against each other, and evidence of a lack of “mental capacity” to do a job properly. It also demonstrates the very existence of “class warfare” that purportedly troubles Santorum so intensely.

We’ve long-known what the motive is behind the nationwide voter suppression effort, but here it is conveyed directly. Why won’t more members of the press pester Rudy Giuliani, Rick Santorum, and the Romney campaign to answer questions about that?


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