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Fifty-nine percent of Latinos are unsatisfied with the Obama Administration’s handling of deportations, a survey published by  The Pew Hispanic Center reports.

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Deportations under the Obama’s watch have increased in record numbers, according to the survey. Nearly 400,000 immigrants are deported annually since Obama assumed the Oval Office, a roughly 30 percent higher annual average than his predecessor George W. Bush.

You would think these numbers would quell Latinos’ enthusiasm for the 44th President. If so, you would be wrong.

As shocking as these numbers are, the survey reports that Latinos will vote for Obama in even higher rates than they did in 2008. In a head-to-head race with Mitt Romney, Obama wins 68 percent of the Latino vote to Romney’s 23 percent. When squared off with other Republican candidates, Obama fairs just as well.

So what this appears to reveal is that Latinos’ disappointment with Obama’s handling of deportations is not a deal breaker for them.

Lili Gil, a Latino affairs expert, said as much during a Fox News interview prior the study’s publication.

“There are plenty of data and reports that are suggesting that the same issues that are impacting America today and are concerns in everybody’s household is the same for Latinos,” Gil said. “It is education, jobs and health care.”

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1,200 Latino respondents 18 years and older participated in the survey. Of that number, 492 are native born (including Puerto Rico) and nearly 728 were born outside of the U.S. Of those foreign born, 299 are U.S. citizens, 261 legal residents and 140 are not legal residents of the U.S. There is a 3.6 percent attribution to the survey.


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